[driverloader] linux does not start

Vedant vedant.lath at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 21:50:50 EST 2005

its a very big problem here...
to make it consice, i deleted my ndiswrapper hardware(wlan0) from
system-config-network after uninstalling ndiswrapper. then i proceeded
to install driverloader and entered the license key. kernel paniced.
then i rebooted my computer, and linux does not start after setting up
hostname. this wireless network of mine has always giving me problems.
(WRT54G still restarts several times in a day).

now the full detail...

i wanted to do some java programming on linux, so i installed fedora
core 4 and it worked fine, everything. then came the issue of wireless
networking. i saw that ndiswrapper was free and installed it. then i
installed networkmanager to ease the setting up of networks. it worked
fine (at that time the wireless had no security)

after a few weeks, i saw that network was running fine, so i decided
to increase the security and did wpa2 protection on the wireless. this
ran me into problems with linux. first i could not see what the
problem was, (wpa_supplicant just ignored my wireless network - no
wpa/rsn ie skip) so i decided to go with driverloader. i didn't remove
the wlan0 interface completely while installing driverloader as i
thought that if driverloader didn't work, i can easily reinstall

at the time i had installed ndiswrapper, the following were there on my machine:
* wlan0 interface w/o ndiswrapper (the boot process gave the followig
message while starting up: (device or driver) ndiswrapper not found.
delaying initialisation.
* wireless_tools
* wpa_supplicant
* networkmanager

when i configured everything but license key, everything was going
fine. when i entered the license key, the kernel paniced. retries did
not help in preventing the panic. so i installed the 16K stack kernel.
still the same problem. today, i removed the wlan0 device to see if it
solved the problem, but it increased the problem more!

now i cannot boot up linux!!!

please help.

There are 10 types of people. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

Vedant Lath

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