[driverloader] dldr-wpa-supplicant_0.4.6.0_i386.deb seems to corrupts /var/lib/dpkg/status

Duchesne Family celine-regis at comcast.net
Mon Dec 5 22:48:42 EST 2005


I just installed this Debian package on my Debian box:

After doing so, I was unable to update my system anymore: running
'apt-get update' or 'dselect, Update' would yield an error message
indicating that the file /var/lib/dpkg/status could not be parsed.

I went ahead and binary searched the file to find the faulty package,
which turned out to be dldr-wpa-supplicant. Apparently, the parser does
not like the extraordinarily long 'Description:' field of the package. I
truncated the field to only keep its first 2 lines, and everything went
back to normal.

Regis "HPReg" Duchesne

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