[hcflinux] Comipling Kernel of Linuxant in FC3

Michael egold_offers at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 11 07:43:29 EST 2005

I recently downloaded the 16k kernel (2.6.10) source code and wanted to
compile it but I knew that this package doesn't have any of
Arch, net,fs,sound directories and has the other directories. 

packege structure is like :

some .config files: eg. i586.config
some .patch files
a tar file that is the actual source code

a 170 patch .bz filles

my current kernel is (2.6.9) 

I want to know how I can compile this kernel (how should I make
Arch,sounds,net directories?) 

I just new to linux but I need to compile kernel for my modem.

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