[hcflinux] Comipling Kernel of Linuxant in FC3

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Fri Feb 11 09:52:57 EST 2005


first of all, for the HCF PCI driver, you probably do not need a 16K 
stack kernel as it will probably work fine with a 8K stack kernel (or 4K 
in Fedora Core 2 and 3). Did you tried to use the HCF PCI driver with 
your current kernel?

For the kernel source code, I assume that you are using Fedora Core 1 or 
3 and you have attempted to install one of our 16K stack kernel in the 
SRC.RPM format. You don't need to compile the kernel as we offer 
pre-compiled RPM packages for these 16K stack kernel which are also 
available from the Fedora Core kernel download pages at:

Fedora Core 2 i586:

Fedora Core 2 i686:

Fedora Core 3 i586:

Fedora Core 3 i686:

If you really want to compile the 16K kernel, which is expected to be 
done only by advanced users, please install the SRC.RPM file with the 
'rpm -i' command in a root shell and then please run the following 
commands to generate pre-compiled RPM packages:

cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
rpmbuild -bb kernel-2.6.spec --target i586   # To generate i586 kernels
rpmbuild -bb kernel-2.6.spec --target i686   # To generate i686 kernels


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Michael wrote:
> Hi 
> I recently downloaded the 16k kernel (2.6.10) source code and wanted to
> compile it but I knew that this package doesn't have any of
> Arch, net,fs,sound directories and has the other directories. 
> packege structure is like :
> some .config files: eg. i586.config
> some .patch files
> a tar file that is the actual source code
> a 170 patch .bz filles
> my current kernel is (2.6.9) 
> I want to know how I can compile this kernel (how should I make
> Arch,sounds,net directories?) 
> I just new to linux but I need to compile kernel for my modem.
> thanks
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