[hcflinux] Semi-success with a "no name" modem

Andreas U. Trottmann andreas.trottmann at werft22.com
Thu Mar 16 13:22:12 EST 2006

Hello list,

When I recently found myself forced to replace a trusty old
external serial "real" modem, I thought I wanted to try and get
the plunge into the world of soundcards-with-a-phone-jack. The
first "modem" I found was a PCI card with a Conenxant chip on it.

lspci says 
00:0c.0 Communication controller: Conexant: Unknown device 1085 (rev 89)

(numerical, it's 14f1:1085)

And the main chip says the following: 

"conexant cx06834-11 e298967-1 0248 mexico"

Googling showed that 1085 may be either HSF or HCF, while
"cx06834-11" showed up some HCF modems.

So I first tried the HSF driver, which claimed it didn't find
anything. The HCF driver, however, said

Config for modem unit 0: /dev/ttySHCF0
        Device instance: 0-PCI-14f1:1085-14f1:1085
        HW revision    : DP Part '73' Rev 'BA' Asic ID 0x86
        HW profile name: hcfpciv90
        Registration ID: 3AE7-2902-5B75
        License owner  : andreas.trottmann at werft22.com
        License key    : FREE
        License status : FREE (max 14.4kbps data only)
        Current region : SWITZERLAND (T.35 code: 00A6)

while dmesg tells me

PCI: Found IRQ 11 for device 00:0c.0
ttySHCF0 at I/O 0xd400 (irq = 11) is a Conexant HCF controllerless PCI modem (PCI-14f1:1085-14f1:1085)

using minicom on /dev/ttySHCF0 and typing "ATD<number>" indeed
dials this number, and when picking up manually, I hear the
characteristic "beep...  beep... beep" sounds. However, as soon
as I make any noise, the line is immediately disconnected, and
minicom shows the modem telling me BUSY.

I get the same result (dialing -> pick up -> immediate hangup
with  BUSY) when a real, working modem picks the line up.

Dialing the winmodem's phone line gives no visible results, i.e.
no RING.

Does anybody have an idea what might be wrong?

Andreas Trottmann
Werft22 AG
Tel    +41 (0)56 210 91 37
Fax    +41 (0)56 210 91 34
Mobile +41 (0)79 229 88 55

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