[hcflinux] HCF under 2.6

Greg Kennedy kennedy.greg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 13:56:58 EST 2007

I have a Rockwell Riptide 56k HCF modem courtesy of my old HP desktop PC.  I
am having a hard time following the instructions to get this working under a
2.6 kernel.  When using the installer, I'm told that RIPTIDE drivers only
work under 2.2 or 2.4.  I then installed the HCF driver from source only to
be told that 'no device was found'.

I suppose that means I need the RIPTIDE driver first (to get the HCF driver
to find the card), which unfortunately is not 2.4 compatible.  I tried using
the alsa snd-riptide module (and compiling it in my kernel) to get around
needing RIPTIDE, but no dice - still getting 'no device found'.

Basically my question:  Am I SOL in trying to get the HCF working
under 2.6kernels, or are there some installation steps I can't find to
help recognize
my card?

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