[hsflinux] my modem just segmentations fault when I attempt toopen the device...

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

tor, 2002-05-30 kl. 23:35 skrev David Balazic:

> > 1: IRQ 11 isn't normal for a modem, but can be negotiated automatically
> > when the modules are loaded. Modems should use COM port / tty IRQs,
> > generally 4 and 3. My machine suggests IRQ 11 for card bus and Ethernet.

> Nonsense. It is a PCI device and can have any IRQ. My HSF modem has IRQ
> 10,
> for example, but that depends on the PCI slot, BIOS settings, OS, phase
> of
> the moon, etc ...

Perhaps you'd like to read the above again :-)

> > 3: I don't like pre-release kernels. Is there any special reason why you
> > are running 2.4.19? For example, latest iptables patches demand this,
> > but if you don't have to run 2.4.19, get the 2.4.18 source from
> > kernel.org (*NOT* Red Hat) and compile and install that (with its own

> What is wrong with redhat kernels ?
> As opposed to kernel.org kernels, which sometimes don't even compile,
> redhat kernels are actually tested !

They have done horrible things when installed on my (and others')
Compaq(s). Also, I want the choice of being able to choose exactly what
stuff I have in a monolithic kernel, what stuff to leave out and what
stuff to compile as modules. I have to compile in VPN and extra stuff,
and I just don't trust Red Hat for this.

I've never had a kernel from kernel.org - and this goes back, for me, to
the early 2.2 kernels, that didn't compile. I have only once had a
kernel.org kernel that wouldn't boot, and that was my fault.

I'd rather do my own patching on virgin source code than risk someone
else having patched the code to an unknown level, with the result that I
ruin my system. If you go back through this list's archives for the last
week, you'll see one example of someone else experiencing this.

Now perhaps you'd like to help Jeff with his Dell and segmentation fault




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