[hsflinux] HSF drivers

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

I for one am for in ever in debt to Marc Boucher for the trouble he took
in helping me to get my Compaq Presario notebook to fly with the
abominable Conexant/VIA creation (there was never anything wrong with
the Lucent chipsets; they always worked, likewise all of the
controller-bound PCMCIA card stuff).

That's why I stick around.

Those who know what Marc has done for the Netfilter community will also
know what he means for iptables and with how many iptables modules is
name is coupled. The man's a genius, to put it shortly.

However, the newest-last HSF driver that I tried,
5.03.03.L3mbsibeta02072100, was a disaster. The one that I'm using now, 
5.03.03.L3mbsibeta02061700-1 works perfectly - on my Compaq presario.

I'm now very wary of trying newer ones.




Tony Earnshaw

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