[hsflinux] Setting the serial port using setserial: what'shappening?

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ons, 2002-08-28 kl. 14:39 skrev Gianmario Tamagnone:

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> The problem is that ttySHSF0 is not a physical serial port, but is a virtual
> serial port: So i can't use # setserial on ttySHSF0.
> What's the right command for seeting it? Someone can help me? Thank you!

Marc pointed out that you cannot do it. Stupid of me, I'm a Unix
sysadmin. and should have realized.

/dev/ttySHSF0 is a virtual serial port. It doesn't reallly exist :-)

Hardware serial ports are real devices. I.e., if you really have a:

/dev/ttys0 (COM1), port 0x3f8, irq 4
/dev/ttys1 (COM2), port 0x2f8, irq 3
/dev/ttys2 (COM3), port 0x3e8, irq 4
/dev/ttys3 (COM4), port 0x2e8, irq 3

(SCO devices are ttya, ttyA, ttyb, ttyB etc.),

that is to say, a built in UART wired to an external 25 or 9-pin
connector, then you can wire a cable and an external modem onto it.

Alternatively, you could have an ISA or PCI modem card that acts the
same, with a real UART. You'd still wire a RJ cable onto it, from your
phone jack.

In either case you don't really need the HSF modem.

Sorry, everyone.




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