[hsflinux] Modem dies during file uploads?

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

man, 2002-10-21 kl. 19:16 skrev Gwyn Morfey:

> I'm using drivers from hsflinmodem-5.03.03.L3mbsibeta02101001-1 on a
> Sony Vaio PCG-FX950 (Intel modem, 8086:2446). It's working fine, except
> that whenever I attempt to send a significant amount of data (FTP
> upload, SCP upload, etc), the modem dies. It stays "connected", but
> won't transmit or receive anything. The only way out is to pull out the
> phone cable, wait a minute or so, then redial.

> This happens every time, usually before I've shifted 100k and always
> before 500k. I've tried it with two different ISPs. I'm using Mandrake
> 9's default kernel, and have rebuild the drivers against it.

> I'm out of ideas. Can anyone help?

Basically no - sorry :-(

This is mainly for Marc:

System RH 7.2++++ with kernel 2.4.19 ACPI, gcc 3.0.4 to compile
everything, but everything. I don't have a Vaio, Gwyn, I have a Compaq

I used to have this problem with HSF drivers between June and late
August. Have been up to now coasting along quite happily on

On reading this posting, downloaded
hsflinmodem-5.03.03.L3mbsibeta02101001.gz (note! not idem-1).

'hsfstop', o.k.

'make install', 'hsfconfig -ka' (because I already have the hsfconfig
details necessary, so don't need interaction).

"Sorry, modem busy". Redo: but this time 'hsfconfig -ka --nvram', 'cos I
have this Compaq.

All o.k., put the hsf download *.gz file, 1,050 kb, to my Internet web
site, no problem. Deleted it.




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