[hsflinux] No carrier Problem Intex -Conexant Modem

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

man, 2002-11-04 kl. 09:52 skrev Neil B. Ablang:

> I have downloaded the rpm for Redhat 7.2/kernel 2.4.7-10(the newest on 
> the site).   I run into problem of "No Dial Tone" at first but after 
> reading the FAQ  I included the "ATX3" command.  I got a new problem 
> now.  It is now " No Carrier".  I downloaded the Athlon version of the RPM

The 2.4.7-10 kernel is the standard one delivered with RH 7.2 and is
pretty old. It crashed on my Compaq notebook and forced me to look at
new kernels; that's how I got to kernel.org and started compiling my own

The Compag is running well on 2.4.19 with the latest ACPI patch  from
sourceforge and KACPID lost interrupt patch: see the HSF FAQ:

8) I have an ACPI-based machine and the driver is crashing or not

        It might be necessary to recompile a generic kernel from
        ftp.kernel.org with the latest ACPI (and perhaps also
        KACPID kernel lost interrupt) patches from

Although the HSF driver on your ASUS-based machine isn't crashing, maybe
this is your problem. Compiling your own kernel isn't as daunting as it
might seem - and you can always choose to boot on your old kernel =if=
things go wrong. A number of contributors to this list have found that
this has been their salvation :-)




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