[hsflinux] PPPD Died on Error code 15

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

søn, 2002-11-10 kl. 22:35 skrev Chris Hodgetts:

> It's a smallish Ethernet network, only 3 machines,   The name of the gateway
> comes from /etc/hosts

> I am running Debian.. the other two in the route table are for VMWare, setup
> as a bridged network.
> Basically 90% of the time I am connected to a network via a lan either @
> home or @ work, but the other 10% of the time, when I am out and about on
> the road, visiting or what have you (Its a laptop the modem is in,) and I
> would like to connect to the net then It would be nice to only have to dial
> in my ISP without needing to access root or whathave you.   It is not ppp
> over ethernet.

> They are Dynamic IP's on my ISP and I use pump to gain a dhcp lease from
> work, and that all works , IE I can surf the web and so forth.. I assume
> because the default gatway is eht0,  and have static IP's @ home.

> I thought it may be easy, but it does not seem to be.. I dont think many
> people use their machiens for multi-purpose use.. IE, they only use it on a
> lan or only use it for dialup.

> I will keep looking around :)

> Thanks

> PS I have added  route del default to my ip-up scripts, but it still does
> not work.. it does not even execute the sript..  I dunno :)

Hi Chris,

I forwarded this to the list, since it could help others in the same
situation, and it's basically not OT IMHO. This is the first and the
last time I write anything like this - its for the archive.

Afraid I don't know Debian at all, my only experience has been with Red
Hat, from Linux day 1 (though years of Unix experience before that day).
However, what I write about Red Hat should also apply to Suse and
Mandrake, which are Red Hat breakaways.

I have, sometimes, to connect to different Ethernet networks at clients
with my notebook - and they almost invariably have dhcp servers. By
putting the lines 'ONBOOT=no' and 'BOOTPROTO=dhcp' into
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 I and leaving 'GATEWAY=' in
../network, I have no trouble. I can always backup these files (and make
sure I have a copy of /etc/resolv.conf, since I run my own caching DNS
server), as well as enter the relevant details into the modified files,
if a client doesn't have a dhcp server.

The Ethernet connection doesn't ever come into action before I (as root)
run 'ifup eth0' and if there is a dhcp server, I get my gateway from
that. It's no hassle to go into an xterm and become root to do this.

If it isn't, then I obviously (as root) have to edit the relevant files.

Obviously ppp0 doesn't get started until I run kppp - for which I always
have to enter the root password, since I choose to :-) And my dialin
details are in the kppp config file.

Being able to write scripts that do all this for one is one of the
strengths of Linux. Most Windows users have never learned to write batch
files and don't know that they can work magic with them.

There's no reason why you should continue to get problems, if you adopt
the same strategy.




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