[hsflinux] system freezes on connect with new drivers/debian 3.0

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

fre, 2002-11-22 kl. 22:21 skrev James Stone:

> I have been successfully running drivers for my modem on Mandrake 8.0 
> (device: 14f1 2013) but have recently installed Debian 3 (woody).. I 
> downloaded the latest tar.gz for the hsf linmodem drivers and compiled 
> and installed them, having already compiled and installed a new kernel 
> image and modules from the 2.4.18 source.

> The modem is recognised fine and dials with wvdial.. I can hear the 
> dialtone and the number dialing but when the sound stops, the computer 
> freezes and I am forced to do a hard reset.  There is no log recorded as 
> far as I can see in syslog.  The same thing happens whether I compile 
> ppp as part of the kernel or as a module.

> Any ideas what is going on?

Because I don't know anything about Debian whatsoever, I've kept my
counsel on this one (I've only ever used Red Hat as Linux distro.)

However, I see from the list that at least one Debian person who has had
difficulties with the HSF driver and then succeeded, has explicitely
mentioned adding ACPI support.

ACPI support is necessary for the latest HSF drivers. If you haven't
patched the kernel source with the ACPI patch, I should try it. However,
the latest ACPI patch for kernel 2.4.18 is quite large. I'd consider
getting the 2.4.19 kernel source from kernel.org and patching that with
the ACPI patch from http://sourceforge.net/projects/acpi (much smaller
and up-to-date than the 2.4.18 patch) and possibly (depending on
hardware) the KACPID lost interrupt patch from
http://sf.net/projects/acpi/ . All these are what I use, since I haven't
found the standard Red Hat kernels of much use for my Compaq Presario




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