[hsflinux] non-zero problems

Claudio Catanzaro claudio at rednuting.com
Fri Jan 9 04:01:59 EST 2004

Hi to everyone

I have an conexant modem, with id 14f1:2f10

It worked really well in a Redhat 9 box, running in a i845 Motherboard
with a Pentium IV processor.

But, my box died, and I have replaced it with a i815EMB1 board and a xeon
Pentium III procesor... same modem, same RedHat 9 (upgraded to kernel

Now, my Hylafax sever give me problems to receive faxes. it says:

RECV: TCF 1872 bytes, 93% non-zero, 1 zero-run
RECV: reject TCF (zero run too short, min 1200)

and after 3 of this kind of negotiations, it fails to train  modems...

I have googled it but I can't find someone with the same problem

please tell me what can I do, and If someone knows... what are the "non-zero"
 and "zero-run" errors

thankyou in advance
Claudio Catanzaro <claudio at rednuting.com>

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