[hsflinux] Soundcard not working after installing hsfmodem driver

Gianni wilecoyote at inwind.it
Sun Jan 9 23:29:19 EST 2005

I installed the HSF Modem driver from Linuxant (full with license) 
on my laptop running Mandrakelinux 10.1 (kernel version . The 
first time I connected to the Internet immediately after installing the 
softmodem driver it all worked fine and it was possible to hear the modem 
tones via the soundcard. 
After rebooting the system the modem is still working but the soundcard is not 
found anymore during boot process. This is the Error message: 
[root/usr/sbin/alsactl: load_state:1139:@presario Linux] soundcard not found
During the installation of the hsf driver I noticed the following warnings:
Note: kernel module snd-intel8x0m overridden by hsfmc97ich hsfmc97sis
Note: kernel module snd-atiixp-modem overridden by hsfmc97ati
So I tried to enable the original kernel modules replaced by the hsfmodem 
driver by typing on a root konsole
modprobe  snd-intel8x0m
modprobe snd-atiixp-modem
but nothing has changed. I'm a newbie as far as kernel configuration is 
concerned.. maybe I typed the wrong commands.
thanks for your help. 

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