[hsflinux] newbie on hsf install

Julie Sadler rustik at mac.com
Sun Mar 13 08:57:17 EST 2005

I got the modem to dial...thank you Jonathan!!!! YAY<<<this was my first linux triumph.
well almost.

Now there is some new strangeness. The modem dials ...at  least I can hear it dial, when there is not a phone cord plugged in. I was so excited to hear it dial!! But when I plug in the phone cord, it hangs out...Like so long I ate dinner and came back and we were still hanging. It didn't error out, nor did it connect.

What can I do now? I cannot verify the integrity of this pci modem. It was in an old Toshiba and at that time it was servicable. It may be that the modem is bogus. Is there a way to tell whether linux still isn't happy...or maybe the modem is defunkt??

Thanx for puzzling with me.

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