SV: [hsflinux] New driver worked in FC5test1

Christian Magnusson mag at
Thu Feb 9 18:24:54 EST 2006

Is there any possibility for you to tune your core-modules to make them work
for kernels with 4K stacks in the future?

I mean there are many other device drivers which obviously work with that
stack size... I guess your modules are a bit more complex compared to many
other modules, but are there any code/module-design which makes it
impossible to decrease the stack usage?

In my case the modules could be loaded (and unloaded) with 4K stack, but as
soon as I plug-in the modem (USB 0572:1300) everything freezes.


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the new version of the HSF modem driver still requires a kernel with a 
larger stack size than 4K in many cases. When the final version of 
Fedora Core 5 will be released, we will start to provide 16K stacks 
pre-compiled kernels packages in the same way we offer them for Fedora 
Core 2, 3 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x.


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Christian Magnusson wrote:
> The new released version hsfmodem- finally worked on my
> FC5test1 installation. The latest kernel (2.6.15-1.1915_FC5smp) crashed
> due to CONFIG_4KSTACKS, so I had to recompile it first and disable that
> feature. After this I could use the modem without any problems in 14400
> baud. Thanks for the great support for the new kernels.
> BTW: Does anyone have any good script which automatically download the
> latest kernel-source.rpm, install, configures, remove CONFIG_4KSTACKS
> from config, compile kernel, modules and install everything?  :)
> /Christian
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