[hsflinux] intel-hda STAC9200 support crippled

Novensiles divi Flamen noven at sincorp.org
Mon Apr 17 03:35:08 EDT 2006

My modem is an intel HDA with the STAC9200 chipset and needs the CVS alsa in 
order to work properly. I'm having major problems getting CVS alsa and 
hsfmodem to play together.

Using 2.6.16 and inkernel alsa the modem driver compiles and works fine. 
Soundcard has some very annoying issues {headphones don't cut off speakers, 
mix doesn't work}

Using 2.6.16 and CVS alsa the modem driver compiles but then never manages to 
load properly - all of the possible drivers load up and the modem is 
eternally 'busy'. {I put the cvs alsa into my kernel tree - I saw on the 
mailing list archives that someone asked how to do this a few weeks ago, so 
instructions are below}

Using 2.6.16 with suspend2 patches the modem driver never compiles.

This is a rather annoying trade-off to make. Has anyone had success compiling 
hsfmodem against cvs alsa? Or will full STAC9200 support be included in 
hsfmodem soon? I am quite willing to help by testing or providing more 
detailed information {just let me know what you want}.

- Noven

You mentioned it can be merged into ALSA(1.0.11RC4), could you please tell
me how i can do this?
Thank you in advance.

 In order to merge the CVS alsa into your kernel tree:

1. checkout the "alsa-kernel" module from the alsa-project cvs. Go to
http://alsa-project.org/download.php for instructions.

2. cd into the kernel tld

3. move the sound/oss dir and the sound_core.o file to some safe location

4. remove the "sound" directory

5. copy the checked out "alsa-kernel" dir into the kernel tld and rename
it "sound"

6. remove "sound/oss" directory

7. move the "oss" dir and sound_core.o file from step 3 back into the "sound" 

8. remove include/sound/*

9. move sound/include/* dir into the ../include/sound/ dir.

10. you can now build and install kernel as usual.

-- Novensiles divi Flamen
>-- Miles Militis Fons --<

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