[hsflinux] intel-hda STAC9200 support crippled

Paulo Matias syscoder at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 15:19:24 EDT 2006

My notebook's sound needs ALSA CVS to work too, because it's an Acer
and the HDA Acer model is only at CVS.
Hsfmodem overwrites the ALSA drivers (it compiles it's own
sound/pci/hda, that is very outdated, and tries to replace the already
installed modules), so my sound doesn't work when I install hsfmodem.
It would be better if Linuxant contacted ALSA to merge the
modifications for HDA Modem support directly into the main ALSA tree.
I'm sure they would be pretty interested on this. It would avoid these
annoying things with me, with Novensiles, and a lot of other people.
Will this be made?

Paulo Matias

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