[SPAM] [hsflinux] Kubuntu Dapper problem with hsfmodem

Paolo Ariano paolo.ariano at unito.it
Thu Jul 6 18:27:42 EDT 2006

Il giorno gio, 06/07/2006 alle 22.33 +1000, Mark Constable ha scritto:
> I am having problens installing the hsfmodem driver on a
> Dell Inspiron 640m laptop. Dump diagnostics attached.
> Any suggestions as to what to try next ?
> # /usr/src dpkg -i hsfmodem_7.47.00.01full_k2.6.15_25_686_ubuntu_i386.deb

had the same problem, which kernel you have installed ? i think is:
linux-image-2.6.15-23-686 but this driver is ok for the 2.6.16 and you
can't find it on ubuntu alsoin the next release (see unstable) you'll
find 2.6.17 so ?

i don't know ... :(

Paolo Ariano
Neuroscience PhD @ Unito

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