[hsflinux] HSF modem don't send RING message

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Thu Sep 21 12:23:17 EDT 2006


please make sure that the country is correctly selected with the 
'hsfconfig --country' command in a root shell. If you are behind a PBX 
or similar equipment, please try without it to see if there is a difference.

Are you running an original CentOS 4.x kernel? If this is the case, then 
please note that these kernels have only 4K of stacks and the HSF driver 
is known to require more than that with some setups.

We offer pre-compiled RPMs of RHEL 4.x 5 kernels (compatible with CentOS 
4.x) with 16K stacks as a convenience for our users. You can obtain 
these kernels at:


Then, install the kernel and reboot in this new kernel. Finally download 
and install the HSF driver package for this new kernel version. You can 
also obtain it from the HSF driver download page at:



Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

fax at mailboxelite.it wrote:
> I'have successfully installed HSF Drivers of my conexant modem on CentOS 
> 4.4.
> on minicom interface i send and receive fax manually (with atdt end ata 
> commands). But when i receive an incoming call the "RING" message it not 
> be displayed.
> [root at server hylafax]# hsfconfig --info
> Conexant HSF softmodem driver, version
> If you need license keys, assistance or more information, please go to:
>         http://www.linuxant.com/
> When reporting a problem for the first time, please send
> us the file generated by "hsfconfig --dumpdiag".
> Note: HDA support not compiled in the driver
> Note: kernel module snd-intel8x0m overridden by hsfmc97ich hsfmc97sis
> Note: kernel module snd-atiixp-modem overridden by hsfmc97ati
> Current parameters: ("hsfconfig --info")
> Config for modem unit 0: /dev/ttySHSF0
>         Device instance: 0-PCI-14f1:2f30-14f1:205d
>         HW revision    : Basic2 2.18 Standard DAA 3VoltsIA
>         HW profile name: hsfpcibasic2hsfi
>         Registration ID: AFF9-BE8D-2BA7
>         License owner  : fax at mailboxelite.it
>         License key    : E6-C7-A7-21-3B-DA
>         License status : OK
>         Current region : ITALY (T.35 code: 0059)
> The /dev/modem alias (symlink) points to ttySHSF0
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