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you have sent your email to the correct list.

The modem have a good chance to be based on a Conexant HSF chipset but I 
can't confirm that it will be supported by the HSF driver without the 
USB ID of the modem. You could try with the HSF driver that you can 
download at:


The modem detection tool for Windows, which is provided by Conexant, 
probably don't have the ability to detect USB modems. However, the 
installer available on our web site should be able to detect your USB 
modem if it is based on a Conexant HSF chipset.


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David J Bush wrote:
> Greetings. I have a USB Best Data "Smart One" 56K external phone modem.
> The largest chip on the board says:
> SMARTV.90+
> CX81801-34
> E945703.1
> 0312      MEXICO
> A smaller chip says:
> CX11253-11P
> K19714.2
> 0310       KOREA
> On the PC board it says:
> WK294VO
> 0308
> 56USB92
> P/N 10194
>                0303
> I'm not sure if this modem is HSF or HCF. Maybe it's both?
> My current system is Windows 98SE. I plan to get a Linux machine soon.
> The Conexant List Modem Tool, which I downloaded from the web page
> https://www.linuxant.com/drivers/modemident.php
> tells me it can find no modems on my system. Perhaps this is because
> the modem is external USB.
> Any information about what Linux driver would work for me, and what
> steps need to be taken during installation (for example what modules
> need to be loaded,) would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks for your time.
> David
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