[hsflinux] Fedora 7 Volume control...

Lewis Hopfe lmhopfe at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 16 08:13:56 EDT 2007


Thanks for your reply. I'm really not sure where to go with this. I
a little research yesterday and I'm thinking that the ALSA stuff that

installed with Fedora 7 is probably the same as what is coming with
HSF Driver.  7 came with the alsa 1.0.14-0.4 rc3 which are a few
old.  I just figured we were dealing with different ALSA, but now I'm

starting to wonder if something else is going on.

I then searched looking for information on speakers and headphones 
playing simultaneously. Apparently, this is a pretty common problem
the laptop/linux world. However, the fixes , usually a line or two in

modprobe.conf, were varied and nothing I did worked.  It seems as
it will vary with the laptop manufacturer. I have to say that I don't

know very much about what these lines in modprobe do,  so my tries
just what I saw on the boards. I guess I'll need to find out more
theses and hopefully work up the right combination.

I'll keep looking around, but if you or anyone else has an ideas for 
this I'd be most appreciative.


Linuxant support (Jonathan) wrote:
> Hi,
> according to:
> http://www.linuxant.com/drivers/hsf/changes.php
> the ALSA code currently used by the HSF driver was taken from ALSA 
> mercurial (hg) at about Apr 15 2007, so the code is only 2 months
> at the moment of this writing.
> We will continue to sync our code with the latest code ALSA in the 
> future.
> Regards,
> Jonathan
> Technical specialist / Linuxant
> www.linuxant.com
> support at linuxant.com
> Lewis Hopfe wrote:
>> A couple of  months back I had written about how the HSF driver
>> altered the volume controls on my hp 2315. Prior to intalling the
>> driver in Fedora 6 there were 2 volume controls in my mixer panel
- 1
>> for the headset and the other for the speakers. Installation of
>> HSF driver left me with one control. However, plugging in the 
>> earphone, which typically turns the speakers off on other systems,

>> did not on
>> my hp so sound would play through the earphones as well as the
>> Somebody on the board here supplied me with a patch to correct
>> and I was fine.
>> Last week I installed Fedora 7.  With the new install I guess
>> is some new ALSA code and there is a single volume control in the 
>> mixer panel. However, with this volume control there was proper 
>> behavior.
>> That is when the headphones are plugged in the speakers turn off
>> the volume controller adjusted the levels in the headset. 
>> I installed the HSF driver for the modem. It installed properly
and the
>> modem works with F7. Unfortunately, it must be using the older
>> code as it behaves much like before with a single controller and
>> coming out of both the headphones and the speakers.
>> I suppose I could try to patch again and go with two volume
>> controllers, but I was wondering if Linuxant is going to merge the

>> latest ALSA
>> stuff in anytime soon? Since the latest ALSA stuff appears to
>> my problem this appears to be the best course of action. However,
>> this isn't going to happen for a while, I might just be better off
>> patching...
>> Thanks,
>> Lewis

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