[hsflinux] Ongoing problems with the hsfmodem driver..

Lewis Hopfe lmhopfe at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 16:58:41 EST 2008

I installed the new driver(hsfmodem- over the weekend. 
However, I continue to have the same problems that I did with the 
previous version. My machine is a HP 2315 with a AMD64 processor I'm 
running Fedora 8 64 with the current kernel( #1 SMP)
I have a full-version license for the hsfmodem driver.

Problem 1: When I re-boot to utilize the new driver after
I don't have any sound and no amount of tinkering will give me any.
sound was working fine prior to the install. No error message is
and sound appears to be going somewhere, but I get nothing through
speakers or headset. When I remove the new driver from my system,
returns with no issues or re-configuration necessary.

Problem 2: . When I visit a secure site, my computer becomes unstable

and will eventually hang. This message will appear in both the log
any open terminal window:

Feb 18 09:22:20 localhost kernel: general protection fault: 0000 [1]

Feb 18 09:22:20 localhost kernel: CPU 0

This problem happened when I tried the last version of the driver. It

was suggested that I try a number of initialization strings I've
them again, but none help. Likewise, it doesn't appear to be one
site. It occurs when I log into both of my bank sites as well as my 
brokerage site.

I'm out of ideas and ready to give up on this driver. I've never been

able to get any sort of consistent use from my modem. Any fresh ideas

would be appreciated.



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