[hsflinux] hsf driver problems with Ubuntu 7.10, 2.6.22-15 kernel

Irihapeti ngakaumarie-ubi at yahooxtra.co.nz
Sun Jun 29 02:28:32 EDT 2008

I recently upgraded the Ubuntu 7.10 kernel from 2.6.22-14 to 2.6.22-15 
as part of the automatic update process. I removed the older driver 
(.deb package) and installed a replacement from 
hsfmodem-, which I happened to have already on my 
computer. After two days or so of apparently normal functioning, it 
stopped working properly, taking the modem off-hook as soon as I booted. 
I had some difficulty uninstalling it. Trying to install the package instead didn't work, either.

For the moment, I've downgraded the kernel to 2.6.22-14 and reinstalled 
the .deb package. I note that there isn't a precompiled .deb version for 
the 2.6.22-15 kernel. What would I need to do to be fully operational 
with the later kernel? Does it need the new alsa driver as well?

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