[hsflinux] problem with system freeze when sending out fax (hylafax)

Johanes Soetanto otnateos at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 02:09:17 EDT 2008


I'm having problem with sending out fax using my hsf modem for hylafax.

i had been using hylafax from the beginning of the year for receiving fax
only and it works great, but whenever i try to to send out fax, my system
freeze and i end up have to reboot it using the "reset" button. i post a
message to hylafax user list and someone told me that hylafax doesn't really
integrate with the kernel and it might be something to do with the HSF

I have been trying to figure out how to solve the problem myself but
unfortunately with my limited knowledge of the whole system. I tried to look
into the log but don't really know which one to look at. One thing I notice
that when my computer freeze and I listen to the line using my phone it has
sound like pulse (like the old phone, instead of tone) keep beeping until I
restart the system

I'm not really sure either whether it is something wrong with my
configuration or something wrong with my modem, but maybe some of you can
shed some light in case you have experiencing the same thing.

my system is

   * fedora 9, 64 bit
   * using hsf modem driver (from linux ant)
   * i run the i386 binary hylafax of fedora 9 downloaded from the
sourceforge site

thanks for any suggestion or help beforehand.

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