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If you have a question or a problem related to our Linux drivers, please read the documentation and the FAQs carefully before contacting us. Also make sure to visit the Conexant software modems identification page or the DriverLoader product compatibility page if necessary.

Conexant HCF (Controllerless) Modems FAQ | Mailing list
Conexant HSF (Soft) Modems FAQ | Mailing list
Riptide Modems FAQ | Mailing list
Wireless LAN DriverLoader FAQ | Mailing list

If you did not find what you are looking for, you can also subscribe to one of our Conexant mailing lists or DriverLoader mailing lists and ask your question there. There are many knowledgeable people on the lists who might be able to help you. Be sure to take a look at the lists' archives also.

If you tried all of the above and still need help, please send an email to Note however that we cannot guarantee a timely response to users of free driver versions since they are provided at no charge.

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