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DriverLoader Installer

The easiest way to install DriverLoader is to use our automatic installer. However, the installer will only work if you already have Internet access from your Linux system. If you do not have Internet access or it is not yet configured, please manually select and download the package from the DriverLoader download page.

How to install DriverLoader using the installer

  • Download the installation program (
  • Open a terminal window. (If you don't know how to do this, press ALT-F2 and in the dialog box that will appear, try entering one of the following commands: xterm or konsole or gnome-terminal)
  • Use the cd command to access the directory where the file was downloaded.
  • Finally, enter the sh command to run the installer.

If you have any problems with the installer, please contact the support team.

Advanced installer options

Additional files required by DriverLoader

How to install DriverLoader without the installer

You can manually download the package from the DriverLoader download page. Please read the installation instructions to know how to download and install the right package for your system.

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