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DriverLoader Patches Download Page

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This page contains patches which can be applied to the latest release of DriverLoader for the generic package in the TAR format. These patches can fix various bugs and add support for kernels which were not available at the moment of the release of the latest version of DriverLoader. These patches are likely to be included in a future release of DriverLoader.

If you have any problems with these patches, please contact


Required for Ubuntu 10.10 support.

How to apply these patches

The easiest way to install patches is to use the dldrconfig --patch command in a root shell with the latest version of DriverLoader installed. If the machine doesn't have an active Internet connection, you can use the dldrconfig --patch file.patch command instead, where file.patch is a patch file downloaded from this page. Patching is currently only supported with the TAR package format.

Advanced users can use the patch utility to patch the software instead of using the dldrconfig --patch command.

Patches for Linux kernels

Because some Windows drivers (notably for Intel Centrino cards) require at least 12K of stack to operate properly and the default Linux kernel stack size is a little less than 8K, these patches can be used to build custom kernels with 16K of stack. The kernel option CONFIG_16KSTACKS will be added by the patch and should be enabled in your configuration.

Kernel versionPatch

User comment:

Dear Linuxant, I recently purchased a new Toshiba "Centrino" laptop, model M35-S359 and before I even installed Linux I had reconciled myself to purchasing a PCMCIA wireless LAN card and struggling endlessly getting working. Someone in a web forum recommended your software, so I thought I'd give it a try. Well, your wireless LAN driver for the Centrino works perfectly on my Toshiba laptop. I downloaded the trial version, saw how well it worked, and then immediately ordered a permanent key. A lot is made about Open Source, and it is important, but frankly, I've spent so many hours in the past trying to get Linux hardware and software working that paying $19.95 for your expertise is a genuine bargain. Thanks again,

David McCulloch (Tampa, Florida)

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