[driverloader] Link status in /proc and mii emulation

Dimitris Stasinopoulos dimitris at linea.gr
Sun Jan 11 14:56:27 EST 2004


I'm developing a small utility that assigns IP addresses and routes to an 
interface only when a logical link is made. That means that on ethernet 
adapters I'm using the SIOCGMIIREG ioctl to get the link status, and as soon 
as the link is good (a live cable is inserted), the interface is assigned an 
address and a route.

However, on a wireless interface (wlan0) using driverloader, the SIOCGMIIREG 
ioctl is not supported, so this is not an option. I then thought of falling 
back to /proc/net/wireless, but the status is always "000" (Unknown status?), 
even when the kernel reports that the link is up ("Demos kernel: wlan0: New 
link status: Connected (0001)").

So, my questions are:
a) Can mii register emulation be incorporated in future versions so that the 
SIOCGMIIREG ioctl can be used?
b) Is the /proc/net/wireless issue a bug of driverloader?

I'm using driverloader 1.44 (licensed) on a Intel 2100 miniPCI card (Centrino 
laptop) and linux 2.4.24

Thanks in advance,


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