[driverloader] Modules loaded, eth0 brought up at boot, but no connection

Jeff Mrochuk jm_cct at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 11 13:43:39 EST 2004

For some reason when I boot up, the module is loaded, and the interface
is brought up, but there is no connection.  I get the following in my

Jan 10 10:30:36 ptl-63-164-63-44 kernel: eth0: New link status:
Disconnected (0002)

The only way to get it to connect is after boot

iwconfig eth0 essid <name>
or even
iwconfig eth0 essid any

at which point I get

Jan 10 10:31:03 ptl-63-164-63-44 kernel: eth0: New link status:
Connected (0001)

I have my essid set in my /etc/network/interfaces, and in the
driverloader config file.  I'd really like to avoid having to do this

Linksys WMP54G PCI, drivers 1.3, driverloader 1.54, kernel 2.6.0, debian

Any ideas?


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