[driverloader] WMP45G PCI on Kernel 2.6.0 temporary freezups

Linuxant support (Jean-Simon) support at linuxant.com
Thu Feb 5 12:06:35 EST 2004


the reason "dldrconfig --dumpdiag" took down your interface and you had to
run "ifdown/ifup" is because it reloads the 'driverloader' module. This
usually resets the settings that were done with "iwconfig".

I answered your other question in a separate email.


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I actually downgraded from in hopes that it would resolve the
problem, I had the same issue with the newest NDIS driver.

the "dldrconfig --dumpdiag" command took down my interface and did not
bring it back up, not sure why.  I had to ifdown eth0 and ifup eth0
afterwards to get it running again.  Also it does not make a connection
to the access point unless i manually do iwconfig eth0 essid 'name',
despite the fact that I have it in my /etc/network/interfaces (debian).
That was another issue I posted to the list quite a while ago.

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