[driverloader] ndisWrapCheckForHangTimerFunc_stk hung

Alan Murphy amurphy at linux.net
Mon Jan 12 11:13:54 EST 2004

I'm having a problem maintaining a connection under high load.  Here are
the details:

- RH 9, custom kernel with Cardbus PCMCIA support
- Dell D800
- D-Link G650 ExtremeG PCMCIA card (H/W: B2, F/W: 2.23)
- D-Link 2000AP, with WEP, ExtremeG mode disabled

During the Linuxant driver installation, a custom module was built against
my kernel.  At first, everything worked fine.  I've noticed, however, that
when I put a high strain on the card (such as POP3, HTTP, and sustained
NNTP connections all at once), the card will lose connection to the AP and
kernel reports:

Jan 12 10:55:26 simon kernel: driverloader:
ndisWrapCheckForHangTimerFunc_stk: PCI-0000:03:00.0-168c:0013-1186:3202
hung, resetting
Jan 12 10:56:04 simon last message repeated 2 times
Jan 12 10:56:29 simon kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out
Jan 12 10:56:31 simon kernel: eth1: New link status: Disconnected (0002)

Any ideas?  I haven't updated the firmware on the G650 card yet, but I'm
not running the AP in ExtremeG either.  Anyone else seen this?  For now,
I'm back to using 802.11b devices until I can resolve this.


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