[driverloader] WMP54G, WPC54G, WRT54G WPA PSK AES on XP but only WEP 128 w/ LINUXANT

Famille Duchesne celine-regis at comcast.net
Sun Jan 18 23:37:21 EST 2004


>       I have a dual boot desktop running RedHat 9 ( / 
> Windows XP and an XP laptop. The Linksys router and adapters have the
> latest drivers.
>       I've been successfully using a 40-character ascii passphrase
> with WPA PSK AES with the XP supplicant on both the desktop and
>       laptop for a while now.

I have been successful doing WPA PSK AES on Debian Linux using
wpa_supplicant between my WMP54G and my WRT54G. Check it out:

Note that I'm using driverloader version 1.52, and the WMP54G drivers
from the CD. Those differences might be the cause of your problems.

I'm interested in the progress of your investigation,
Regis "HPReg" Duchesne

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