[driverloader] WMP45G PCI on Kernel 2.6.0 temporary freezups

Marc Boucher marc at linuxant.com
Wed Jan 28 11:15:21 EST 2004

On Jan 28, 2004, at 4:00 AM, Regis "HPReg" Duchesne wrote:
> It seems to me that this scheme covers everything that is needed to
> emulate Windows locks efficiently, even if the Linux kernel is compiled
> with CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK. But again, you guys have been thinking 
> about
> this for a while, and there is probably a catch that I don't see.

We will eventually implement an efficient workaround to provide 
compatibility with CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK and resolve along those lines 
a few other similar cases of (potentially risky depending on kernel 
evolution) tight structure overlapping. But at the moment since the 
constraint affects relatively few people we have to get a few 
higher-priority issues out of the way before this can be tackled.


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