[driverloader] WPA: Invalid EAPOL-Key MIC when using TPTL

Ralph Brugger Ralph.Brugger at linkpool.de
Thu Feb 12 16:29:24 EST 2004

Connecting works with
	security off
	security WEP 64
	security WEP 128

But not with WPA-PSK
	Invalid EAPOL-Key MIC when using TPTL
	Could not verify EAPOL-Key MIC - dropping packet
	IEE 802.1: version=1 type=3 length=121
	EAPOL-Key type=254

I'm running debian unstable on an IBM Thinkpad R40 2722-BDG.
Intel Pro Wireless 2100. On the same machine: Windows XP Pro
can connect via WPA-PSK.

Access Point is Netgear WG 602v2

Any idea?


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