Re(2): [driverloader] wireless driver for TP-T41

Urs Mueller newsuser at
Mon Feb 16 19:38:45 EST 2004

x86processor sagte:
> Hi CH!
> I don't trust M$ products that much, so prefer to have
> a Linux only thinkpad. Not sure if the T41 is
> centrino, guess it uses Atheros or something. Will
> have to check. Moreover, if i boot the thinkpad the
> first time, it converts the file system into NTFS
> (which I don't want). This information can be seen
> from:

If you will erase the partition anyway, why not start
the thinkpad and let it convert the filesystem?
Or start the Thinkpad with your distribution's
rescue disk and copy the drivers to a floppy.

> For Atheros there is the ndiswrapper, but have to read
> the documentation first.

Thought the ndiswrapper is for centrino only?
If it's a "true" centrino, than it's Intel.
I got an IBM Thinkpad with an add-on mini-pci-card
based on atheros.

Sincerely, Urs

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