[driverloader] WPC54G Can't connect to WRT54G

Linuxant support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Thu Feb 19 17:14:13 EST 2004


please make sure that your wireless card is correctly configured. Please 
modify or create the file '/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1' to put 
the correct settings in this file. Here is a sample of this file for Fedora 
Core :


After changing this file, you should restart the wireless interface with the 
following commands :

ifdown eth1
ifup eth1

Since you probably have 2 or more network interfaces in your computer, you 
will need to manually change the routing table. If you want to use your 
wireless interface to connect to the internet, you will need to change your 
default routing line to 'dev eth1' and set correctly your default gateway.

If you require more assisance, send us the output of 'dumpdiag' please? Type 
the following in a root shell:

# dldrconfig --dumpdiag

Just send us at support at linuxant.com the generated file located in /tmp 
('driverloaderdiag.txt'). It'll help us solve the problem.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

On Thursday 19 February 2004 14:48, Matt Rodkey wrote:
>   I have a WPC54G Card that I use on my laptop running Fedora Core 1
> (kernel 2.4.22-1.2166.nptl).  I am able to connect to Access Points
> both at work and at cyber cafes (None of these have WEP enabled) using
> redhat_config_network.
>   I recently purchased a WRT54G for use at home and have set it up with
> basically the default settings. I changed the default ESSID and that is
> about it.
> I cannot seem to get my laptop to connect to the AP though (At this
> point I have disabled WEP to just try to get the simple case working).
> Here are some relevant facts:
> - My AP shows up when running iwlist scan eth1
> - If I try to activate the interface from redhat_config network I get
> back a message saying it could not ping (which is wierd
> since my AP is using 192.168.1.x for internal IPs)
> - If try to use dhclient directly to contact the DHCP server (after
> making sure the ESSID is correct for eth1) I get back no offers.
> Any ideas what I need to do?  I am guessing there is something I need
> to setup on my AP since the card and driver seem to be functioning
> properly.
> Thanks for any help,
> Matt
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