[driverloader] SUSE 9 - dlink DWL G650

michael_bohde at sbcglobal.net michael_bohde at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 27 09:10:12 EST 2004

SUSE 9.0
( Compaq 1215US Laptop )
1Ghz AMD Athlon 4 Mobile
320MB Memory
Built-in Combo NIC / Modem
D-link DWL-G650 Cardbus Wireless NIC
The D-link card seems to be working quite well however I am getting a 
"local ip : not available " with kWifiManager. The utility sees my AP, 
has the AP's MAC address even lists the correct frequency and channel.
To the left of that information it lists my signal strength as "
Ultimate " and
Below has "AccessPoint: UNKNOWN". 
I am unsure if it makes a difference but my AP ( D-link 624 ) is set to
Use the MAC address of my laptops NIC to assign a static IP to the 
Machine through DHCP. Desired IP
Any help would be appreciated.  
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