[driverloader] wlan-ng and pcmcia for my PCI USR card

David T-G davidtg-driverloader at justpickone.org
Tue Apr 13 08:11:00 EDT 2004

Hi, all --

It occurs to me that perhaps my signal strength problems are related to
the pcmcia package after all, so it's worth asking this now.

When I booted up my SuSE 9.0 system with driverloader installed and
talking to my USR 5416 820.11g card, it found wlan0 but could not
configure it and told me to load the pcmcia package.  Do I really need
to, or do I need to tweak another setting to get it to quit worrying?

Did any other SuSE 9 users have any specific setup issues?


David T-G
davidtg at justpickone.org
http://justpickone.org/davidtg/      Shpx gur Pbzzhavpngvbaf Qrprapl Npg!

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