[driverloader] Unable to get wireless working after upgrade.

Brian Utterback brian.utterback at sun.com
Wed Apr 14 10:12:53 EDT 2004

I have a Fujitsu Lifebook N3010, with a built-in Broadcom wireless 54g interface.
The OS I am using is Java Desktop System, which is repackaged SuSe 8.1 SLEC 1.0.
This is using kernel 2.4.19-4GB.

In December, I installed the then latest driverloader and used the WinXP
drivers linked off of the linuxant site as the drivers. After some futzing
with the configuration, I was able to connect with my wireless network if I
ran "ifdown eth0" and "ifup eth1", but not at bootup. Since it was working,
I paid the license fee.

I lately re-installed the OS, this time with a beta copy of the next release
of the Java Desktop System, still based on SuSe 8.1 SLEC 1.0, still with
kernel 2.4.19-4GB.  I installed the latest driverloader and the broadcom
drivers as before. Before I re-installed, I copied the entire /etc directory
to CDROM for reference.

After the upgrade, I am totally unable to access the wireless network. I can
see the interface with ifconfig, and "iwlist scan" appears to see the access
point, but "netstat -i" shows only TxErrors and no received packets at all.
If I do "ifup eth1", it says that DHCP is starting, but that it is unable
to get an IP address and that it will continue in the background. The
logs on the access point never show a new system connected, nor do the
stats show any received packets.

I have tried every configuration option I can think of. I tried using the
ifcfg-eth1 and ifcfg-eth0 files from the previous OS. I tried configuring
with yast2. I tried mixing and matching these. I tried completely turning
off all access controls and keys in the access point, running a completely
open network, all to no avail.

I am at my wits end. Can anybody help me or provide any pointers? If it is any
help I have a slightly redacted version of dirverloaderdiag at:



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