[driverloader] Re: DWL 520, setup, but no signal

Aaron aaron at phre.net
Wed Apr 14 15:50:46 EDT 2004

Ok i figured out that with the Linuxant driver, its only allowing me to
run on channel 1 2.412GHz so when i would issue iwconfig wlan0 channel 11,
it would accept the command but still be running on 2.412 GHz where
channel 11 is not that range...

How can i fix this.....as i would prefer not to run on the default channel

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Aaron wrote:

> I have a D-Link 520 it works find under windows, and i've loaded this 
> driver, on my gentoo box, i turned off WEP, to make sure that isn't the 
> issue, but the wireless card is ~ 2 ft from the router (i had to setup via 
> a hardline).
> Anyway, it's set to the right ESSID, and Channel, however i am unable to 
> gain a signal, so i cannot communicate with the router, i've tried to set 
> iwconfig ap to force my access poitn MAC.
> anyone?

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