[driverloader] Kerrnel hangs occasionally at boot time.

Jonathan Baron baron at psych.upenn.edu
Tue Dec 14 05:21:39 EST 2004

I had a similar problem on a similar computer, the Dell 9100.
See http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~baron/delli.html.
But it never hung indefinitely.  If I waited about 60 seconds,
sometimes even more, it would finish booting.  (There was in fact
no disk activity.)

I think I made some progress with it by changing the boot
sequence (in particular where "network" happens).  But the really
big solution came when I installed Fedora Core 3.  (The archives
of this list contain several messages about how to do that.)

Things still are not ideal.  Sometimes it hangs in one place or
another for about 15 sec.  I'm not sure that watching the bootup
is all that informative about where the hang is, because some of
these processes run in the background.  I'd love to get the boot
sequence faster, since acpi suspend still does not work on this
computer, so sometimes I have to shut it down to save power.

On 12/13/04 21:38, Jeramy Ashlock wrote:
 Driverloader 2.06 on Fedora core 2 with custom compiled kernel 2.6.9
 (and previous versions, with and without 4k stacks)  will occasionally
 hang the system at boot time (Dell Inspiron 8600).
  When the "bringing up loopback interface" boot message suceeds, and the
 "starting driverloader" boot message is about to be displayed, the
 system hangs with zero disk activity indefinitely.  Uninstalling
 driverloader returns the system to normal boot behavior.   Usually
 booting into windows then back into Linux will somehow get around the
 boot problem.
 It usually happens when booting on battery power after using AC, but not
 every time.
 95% of the time, I have the modem shut off via Fn-F2 as I use the
 ethernet connection.
 This has been going on for more than 8 months.  Any help would be
 greatly appreciated.  thanks.
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