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we have added hooks in DriverLoader 2.07 to ease the use of the WPA 
supplicant. If you rename and move the 'wpa_supplicant' binary to 
'/usr/sbin/dldr_wpa_supplicant' and move and rename the configuration 
file to '/etc/driverloader/dldr_wpa_supplicant.<iface>.conf' where 
<iface> should be replaced by the name of the wireless interface, then 
the WPA supplicant daemon will be automatically started when the 
wireless interface becomes up.

For the removal of the DriverLoader package, we have added in 
DriverLoader 2.07 a new way to remove the installed DriverLoader 
package. No matter if you installed the TAR, DEB or RPM version of the 
DriverLoader package, you should be able to remove it from your system 
with the 'dldrconfig --uninstall' command in a root shell.


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Stefan Patric wrote:
> --- Mathieu Cattafesta <mathieu at cattafesta.com> wrote:
>>I am a new Linux user and I have just installed
>>Mandrake 10.1 on my
>>notebook, a Dell Inspiron 8600 with Dell Truemobile
>>1300 as Wireless card.
> If you're really a linux newbie, I suggest you
> purchase RUNNING LINUX, 4th edition by O'Reilly Press.
>  Great reference!
>>Everything is ok except the wifi with WPA. Searching
>>on the net, I have
>>found your product and I have downloaded the trial.
>>I installed it and I
>>configure it. It was OK. However, the connexion
>>doesn't work. The interface
>>does not seem to be recognized.
> Driverloader doesn't support WPA directly.  You'll
> need to download wpa_supplicant, compile and configure
> it.  Version 0.2.3 is available on the Linuxant web
> site, but the latest version is 0.2.5.  The master
> wpa_supplicant webpage is 
> http://hostap.epitest.fi/wpa_supplicant/
>>Could you tell me how to configure the wifi
>>connexion using your product.
>>Also, how do we install the WPA components ?
> Have you tried connecting with WPA turned off on your
> wireless router?  I've NEVER been able to connect on a
> new install of driverloader without encryption turned
> off the first time.  (You'll also have to set "SSID
> Broadcast" to ON on your router.  wpa_supplicant
> doesn't seem to work without this being on.) Then,
> while connected, I turn on WPA, run wpa_supplicant
> with the proper configure file.  Most of the time
> wpa_supplicant authenticates, and you're on your way. 
> But sometimes, it doesn't authenticate and/or doesn't
> pass the IP and gateway addresses to the wireless
> card.  In such cases, I've found running
> wpa_supplicant in the "wait" and "background" mode
> (-Bw) as part of the boot sequence before ANY network
> stuff is started usually works.
>>Finally, in the cas it is not ok, how is it possible
>>to uninstall
>>DriverLoader ?
> Yes.  If you used the rpm package, then rpm -e
> [packagename] in a terminal window should do it or the
> Mandrake package manager should work, too.
> In a terminal window type -- man rpm -- for the
> details on using rpm.
> If, however, you used the tar.gz file....  Read the
> docs in the archive.  I don't remember, if there is an
> uninstall script, but I think there is.  Just run it
> and driverloader will be gone.
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