[driverloader] CentOS 4.4 & smp kernel?

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Mon May 21 17:25:22 EDT 2007


this is a known problem with recent CentOS/RHEL SMP kernels. The source 
of the problem is a patch applied to the kernel by Red Hat. That patch 
changes some definitions in the kernel headers and these changes call 
GPL only symbols, which is problematic for non-GPL kernel modules like 

To solve this problem, please use the "stk16" kernel available at:


We have disabled this problematic patch in our 16K stacks builds. This 
patch is only useful if you want to do kernel debugging as far as I know 
and should not have a negative impact on your system.

You can also try vanilla kernel from http://www.kernel.org if you prefer 
or use a non-SMP kernel if you have a single CPU with a single core.


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Phillip Ross wrote:
> Hi all...
> I've just upgraded my laptop from a dell lattitude d800 to d820.  Driverloader's been working flawlessly with the builtin Dell 1350 WLAN card on the d800 with CentOS 4.x with all kernels that I have been using, but after installing on the d820 with an smp kernel the driverloader module doesnt seem to want to load.  It gives the following error:
> driverloader: Unknown symbol mm_tracking_struct
> driverloader:  Unknown symbol do_mm_track
> When I tried with the non smp kernel the driver seemed to load, but I didnt get as far as installing the Dell driver yet.
> Just wondering, anyone ever seen this problem with an SMP kernel?  Maybe know what the problem might be or what else I can look at?  Googling for info thus far on the missing symbols has turned up someone having ATI video driver problems of some sort but nothing with driverloader :/
> Thanks!
> - Phillip
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