[hcflinux] Caller ID not supported?

Steve Laverty hcflinux_list at steve.nu
Mon Aug 16 14:28:34 EDT 2004

Caller ID has worked flawlessly for me for your application for over a 
year now.  The only thing I can think of is that modems need to have 
additional hardware to support on-hook caller ID.  Perhaps your modem is 
not equipped.  Going into minicom and typing AT+VCID=1 has always worked 
for me, in fact I combine that with AT+VDR=1 so that I know which 'line' 
the call came in on.  It is worth noting that I beleive that AT+VCID=1 
only produces a response when not in AT+FCLASS=8.  Not sure about 1 or 
1.0.  To be safe try it in 0.


Rick Matthews wrote:

>My weekend project was to bring up a network caller id sever using a
>127a:1003 PCI modem from the spare parts bin and the hcfpcimodem
>software (1.01lnxt04072900full_k2.4.20_28.8-1rh.i586 to be exact).
>Current status: The modem gives the proper responses during 
>initialization but reports only the RINGs with no cid information.
>I went back through the archives and found:
>	_Seven people have inquired about caller id.
>	_Only two of the seven received responses.
>	_Both were asked to run "hcfpciconfig --dumpdiag".
>	_Both complied and submitted their dumpdiag data.
>	_Neither received any additional assistance.
>	_One of the two then paid for the full version and re-asked 
>	 his cid question, but received no response.
>Shouldn't caller id be added to the limitations page?
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