[hcflinux] HSF Modem Problem using terminal based connection - cannot type

Chan Kitty cioksam at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 14 19:59:30 EST 2005

I am using Redhat 9 on my IBM T42 machine.  The kernel is 2.4.20-20.9.  I 
have installed the HSF modem driver without problem.  My ISP requires me to 
use terminal based connection for authentication.  I use kppp and make my 
authentication as terminal based.  I dial to my ISP and get connected to 
their modem server.  The terminal also comes up and showing me to input the 
username.  However, I find that I could not type anything in the terminal.  
I can type in other applications as usual but not in the terminal that has 
shown up.  So, the connection at last timeout because I fail to input my 
username and password.  I am not sure what the problem is.  Is it caused by 
the HSF modem driver or KPPP or PPP ??  Please give me some help on this.

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