[hsflinux] Frozen computer?

Daniel Eriksson de at mensa.se
Tue Jan 20 01:56:32 EST 2004

When upgrading to the last version in december I got quite many lockups
(i have a memory of Tony mentioning them to, so I guess you know what
I'm talking about). I'm talking total lockups here, for example
Ctrl+Alt+Fx doesn't work, so I cant even switch to another tty to solve
it. The lockups always appear at the exakt moment of connection or

However, a couple of weeks ago I downgraded to the previous version
(5.03.03msibeta02122500) that worked good for me earlier. The strange
thing is that now I'm experiencing lockups with that version as well.
Happened to me twice only this week. Anyone knows if there's anything to
do about this? Which version should I downgrade to to be safe?

By the way, is there any new version along the road? I'm really longing
to install lots of new stuff that requires a new kernel and now I can't
use my modem with that new kernel...


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