[hsflinux] HSF driver install problems

Rentner_Hans Rentner_Hans at gmx.net
Tue Nov 4 06:08:54 EST 2008


Thank you, Jonathan !
Yesterday I've posted wrong my help request to Driverloader list instaed 
of HSF list. Sorry, my mistake.

The answer is not sufficient, because I think, I have installed all 
necessary parts for a installation of the hsf.
snip ---

    lotraum:/home/oldfield # rpm -qa | grep kernel
    lotraum:/home/oldfield #

snap ---
Should I install more or another packets?

Mit freundlichem Gruß /best regards

Hans Winks

Linuxant support (Jonathan) schrieb:

> Hi,
> you have posted on the DriverLoader list instead of the HSF one. The 
> HSF list information is available at:
> https://www.linuxant.com/mailman/listinfo/hsflinux/
> That kind of error happens when the kernel headers are installed but 
> not configured to build 3rd party kernel modules. Since you are using 
> a kernel packaged with a Linux distribution, you will probably need to 
> install all the configured kernel headers in order to use a generic 
> package. On OpenSUSE, you can probably install this with the 'yast -i 
> kernel-source' command in a root shell.
> Regards,
> Jonathan
> Technical specialist / Linuxant
> www.linuxant.com
> support at linuxant.com
> Rentner_Hans wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Some days ago I have purchased an internal modem card (Devolo 
>> mocrolink 56k PCI; PCI ID: 14F1:2014 ), and I was trying to install a 
>> proper driver for Opensuse linux 11.0 with a kernel
>> I found  in  
>> http://www.linuxant.com/drivers/hsf/downloads-license.php  your tool 
>> cnxtinstall.run. 
>> <https://www.linuxant.com/drivers/hsf/full/archive/cnxtinstall.run>
>> Also I found some files separately in 
>> https://www.linuxant.com/drivers/hsf/full/downloads.php.
>> And I tried to install the drivers with your automatic tool and with 
>> the rpm-tool.
>> But everytime I got  messages like
>> snip-------
>> warning: hsfmodem- Header V3 DSA signature: 
>> NOKEY, key ID 5dfbf7dc
>> Conexant HSF softmodem driver, version
>> If you need license keys, assistance or more information, please go to:
>>     http://www.linuxant.com/
>> When reporting a problem for the first time, please send
>> us the file generated by "hsfconfig --dumpdiag".
>> No pre-built modules for: SuSE-11.0 linux- i686-SMP
>> Trying to automatically build the driver modules...
>> (this requires a C compiler and proper kernel sources to be installed)
>> WARNING: the kernel version () defined in
>> /usr/src/linux/include/linux/version.h
>> does not match the currently running kernel (
>> The cause of this problem is an incorrect kernel source path.
>> Please check that /usr/src/linux points to the right tree.
>> The cause of this is usually a missing or unconfigured
>> kernel source tree (and sometimes an incorrect directory or symbolic 
>> link).
>> However, proper /boot/config- was found.
>> Unable to prepare temporary kernel tree
>> First, ensure that the proper kernel source and compiler packages
>> from your distribution vendor and/or the community are installed.
>> The Linux kernel can then be reconfigured by running "make menuconfig"
>> under the kernel source directory (usually /usr/src/linux).
>> Verify that the proper options for your system are selected.
>> Then compile and install your new kernel (for more information about
>> this procedure, see the README file under the kernel source directory),
>> reboot the system using the new kernel, and re-run "hsfconfig".
>> error: %post(hsfmodem- scriptlet failed, exit 
>> status 124
>> snap --------
>> In one webpage I found a remark, that "version.h" is never used in 
>> newer kernel releases.
>> Now I don't know how to go on.
>> Have you any hint for me? (meanwhile I have tried it with another 
>> Suse kernel, but w/o success)
>> Please help me!
>> -- 
>> Mit freundlichem Gruß / Best regards
>> Hans
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Mit freundlichem Gruß

Hans Winks

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