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This package contains Linux drivers for Conexant USB hardware modems with a software Digital Call Progress interface.

This driver officially requires a 2.6.19 or newer kernel. It might work under some older versions but various issues may be encountered.

The following modem devices are recognized by the driver:

  • USB ID 0572:1320
  • USB ID 0572:1321
  • USB ID 0572:1322
  • USB ID 0572:1323
  • USB ID 0572:1324
  • USB ID 0572:1328
  • USB ID 0572:1329
  • USB ID 0572:1340
  • USB ID 0572:1348
  • USB ID 0572:1349
  • USB ID 0803:3095
  • USB ID 17EF:7000
  • Many vendors have shipped modems based on Conexant modem chipsets. If you have a modem based on the same chipset but with different device IDs, please contact If supported, your device could be added to the list and automatically recognized in future versions of this driver.

    See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

    Bug reports are welcome. (see section "REPORTING PROBLEMS" in INSTALL file)



    User comment:

    Hi all, I downloaded the latest version of hsflinmodem (hsflinmodem-5.03.27lnxtbeta03042700k2.4.18_27.8.0-1rh) the other day, and installed it. It works great, no more picking up the phone before dialing, or other funnies. Connects first time, every time so far. Thanks for a great product!

    Nicki de Wet (South Africa)

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